[ projects and self-projections on a digital cave wall ]


+ moving parts moving hearts.


Motion Makes Moments

We've all sat through Powerpoint presentations which seem to tell a story that's less about the content and more about the maker's discovery, and subsequent over-application, of obnoxious slide transitions and text animations. But motion design, well-considered and discretely applied can enhance the user's experience of digital environments.


Self-Assembling Logotype

I designed and animated this logotype for a young artist. The logo reflects the precision and care with which he works while the movement suggests the playfulness of creativity. It's almost as though the logotype draws itself, pausing intermittently to consider its next move, be it an E or a cross for the script X.


Grand Gestures

This marketing splash page template was designed for a client who is still in stealth mode. (Who doesn't love some XYZ Pizza, though? It's the best!) The user scrolls to cue the floating information card to slide under the header, giving them access to an interactive Google Map. Layered information, dynamically-presented, responsively functions across platforms to transition seamlessly from marketing to location services.


Little Joys

This detail exists as part of a page transition in a user's onboarding experience. Along with a satisfyingly expanding status bar, the icons appear and disappear with an energy that serves as a little affirmation. "Job well done!" I, for one, would love to live in a world where every task I complete is rewarded with a little puppet popping up in tribute!