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+ screens on screens on screens.

Yeah but, like, why tho?

At the risk of getting all TEDtalk-y, there are roughly 7.5 billion humans walking around this world and, in 2012, there were 8 billion web-connected devices. By 2020, that number will be closer to 70 billion devices. What I'm also saying is: we're no longer pre-teens waiting semi-patiently while our dial-up modem spools up so we can AIM with a thousand of our closest friends/strangers/bots. Digital content, and ipso facto digital experiences, need to transcend platform or risk obsolescence. Look, I'm waiting for my UBER right now and I just need to know whether "adios" comes from the Spanish for to "a" and God "Dios" but I also need to text Alex about a song I heard on Spotify and answer some of these work emails.

It's been awhile since I turned on my desktop. Jeez.



Envisioned as a more constructive alternative Facebook's increasingly virulent political discourse, Lighthouse is, in essence, a debating platform embedded within a social network. Indicate your views on hot button issues, give justifications, follow people and start debates. Lighthouse.club is a responsive website that is feature-rich at 1220px width as well as 320px. This required a hierarchical approach to the user's needs and a subtle nesting of features.